Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The impact of blogs.....

Blogs are everywhere these days. They cover a vast range of topics and can be written by anyone who has something to say. They are impacting on the way we think and see information and facts and fiction.
Blogs really are just an online journal. Some are like an online dairy that details a person day to day life. Others are about feelings and emotions, topics of interest, pictures of art and cooking.
Blogs have been around since the start of the internet, but in the last 5 years blogs have taken over and have created such a impact in the way information is freely shared.
Since then blogging as grown at an incredible rate. Blogs can even earn you money. When a blog has reached so many “hits” you are contacted by the web page you show your blog on to adversities things.
And blogs can even get you to places most people would only dream off. With some people making such an impact in their chosen theme. Such as bloggers being invited to major fashion parades across the world, just because what they write on their blogs affects what millions of people think about the way they dress.
So if you have something to say. Why don’t you start your own blog today? I mean what do you have to lose really?

my fashion dolls

Fashion dolls
Fashion dolls have been around for hundreds of years and stated in France as a way of finding out what was fashionable.
Because finding out what was fashionable before the 17th century people used dolls to promote their fashions to the country. Nobel men and women could then get their tailors to copy the latest fashion trends. These dolls clothing was so well made and were exact replicas of human sized clothing.
Dolls have been used even after the Second World War. Dolls are still even used today. Barbie is a well known fashion icon and has had even the most famous fashion designers design clothes for her. This impact of the clothing children chose to wear.
For my doll I have designed a fish tailed gown and feathered hat. The style i have tried to portray is the 1950’s.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

how celebrities influence fashion resulting in trends....

Rihanna - tattoos and wacky clothing = trend icon
lady gaga inspired trend


You only need to look at the magazines in the newsagent to see celebrities are walking advertising billboards in the fashion world. Put something on them and sooner then you can blink every girl in the world has one or has to have one. we are obsessed with them, who they are dating, what they are wearing, everything about their lives, we need to know.
They are responsible in turning things into "fashion statements" even if the "trend" is so ridiculous you loook back and think "WFT was i thinking?"


Some trends that they have influenced are Tattoos. Before people with tats were considered unpleasant, sleazy and uneducated. Now you are no longer corrupt, immoral and distasteful, but a fashion statement.

the history of fashion magazines

Vanity Fair magazine first started in 1913. here is an image of the 1914 cover
Vogue started of as a weekly publication by Arthur Baldwin Turnure. After his Death in was bought by Conde Montrose Nast and turned in to a women's fashion magazine. Below is a picture of the first cover published in 1916

the first cosmopolitan was published in 1886 by Schlicht and Field.

it contained articles on women's interests, fashion, home decoration, cooking and cleaning.

below is two covers of the early Cosmo 1894 and 1886.

below is an image of the magazine The Delineator, published by Butterick

the magazine consist of articles of fashion, culture and fine arts.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

some people or things i found interesting...

my shoulder pads from CUE... love love love them