Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my fashion dolls

Fashion dolls
Fashion dolls have been around for hundreds of years and stated in France as a way of finding out what was fashionable.
Because finding out what was fashionable before the 17th century people used dolls to promote their fashions to the country. Nobel men and women could then get their tailors to copy the latest fashion trends. These dolls clothing was so well made and were exact replicas of human sized clothing.
Dolls have been used even after the Second World War. Dolls are still even used today. Barbie is a well known fashion icon and has had even the most famous fashion designers design clothes for her. This impact of the clothing children chose to wear.
For my doll I have designed a fish tailed gown and feathered hat. The style i have tried to portray is the 1950’s.

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