Tuesday, March 9, 2010

how to make.... BUNNY HEADBAND


thin craft wire

long nose pillars

hair slide


sewing thread and needle

assortment or fabrics (at lest one sheer type)

sewing machine

craft glue

Step 1 - wrap ribbon around the hair slide

Step 2 - bend the wire to make ear shapes (leaving some at the bottom to attach to hair slide)

Step 3 - trace around ear shapes to make a template and cut fabric out

Step 4 - stitch up fabric and put over ear shape, stitching up any raw edges with a needle

Step 5 - bend the wire on to the hair slide

Step 6 - cut sheer piece of fabric and gather on one side

Step 7 - hand sew on to the hair slide

Step 8 - now wear with fave outfit and ENJOY!

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